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Heggedal is, with its about 5000 inhabitants, among the highest populated sub-areas in Asker. Heggedal is like a small seperate community with library, health clinics, senior center, pub, sports hall, bakery and train station.

Heggedal station (the picture above) has been in operation since 1874 and is a stop at the Spikkestad Railway. At the station, there is a café and clothing store.

Heggedal church was built in 1931 and is a wooden church that was originally built as a chapel.  In Heggedal you also find the Pentecostal Church Eben-ezer Heggedal built in 1929.

More about Heggedal church and the other churches in Asker.

Heggedal center is located by the Gjellum water, which is a popular venue for events year round. In winter, many people go skiing and ice skating here, in summer it has both swimming and fishing spots.

See photos from Midsummer celebrations at the Gjellum water in Heggedal.

Heggedal is otherwise surrounded by forests like Kjekstadmarka, Rødsåsen, Yggesetmarka and Askerbørskogen.

Heggedal grew as an industrial area after the railroad was built in the 1870s. Sætre had a biscuit factory here, and there were also a dairy and a power plant, in addition to factories for matches, wood, rubber and capsules. Today you find both art school and art center in some of the old factory buildings.

Old Heggedal Farm (Heggedal Hovedgård), dating back to the 1300s, is now restored and rented out for parties and events. 

Asker muncipality has extensive plans for development of Heggedal, where the idea is that Heggedal is going to be a cultural center in Asker.

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