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Churches in Asker

Asker has five churches, all with different styles and characters for you to explore.

Asker church

The original Asker church was from the 12th century, but burned down in 1878. In 1879 the new Asker church was built in bricks in the same place as the old was standing. Next to the church are several several burial mounds from the Iron Age.

Asker church (the picture above) is located close to Skaugum, where Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and Crown Princess Mette-Marit live with their children. The Royal family often comes to this church, and outside the church is a statue of Princess Märtha Louise.

Heggedal Church

In Heggedal there is a wooden church from 1931, raised with private fundings. The church is exactly as when it was built, except that it has been painted in later years.

Heggedal Church from 1931.

The building used to be a chapel before it became Heggedal church. It has 165 seats and the architect is Fritz Holland.

Holmen church

Holmen church was built in 1965 in Slependen in Asker.  It is made of concrete and is construated in a square shape.

Holmen church in Slependen.

The architect, Knut Knutsen, won an architect competition about this church in 1958. The church is located on a small hill, and the area around the church is popular for sledding in the winter.

Østenstad Church

In 1980 Østenstad church was built in Blakstad in Asker. Before that, the people living in this area of Asker had struggled to get their own church for many years.The grace yard was finished in 2008.

Østenstad church in Blakstad.

There is a nice view over Vettre and the Oslo fjord from the top where the church is located.

Vardåsen church

Vardåsen is the newest church in Asker, built in 2004 as a combined church and kindergarden. It is made in concrete with light bricks on the outside.

Vardåsen church built in 2004.

Vardåsen church was awarded with the Concrete Board (Betongtavlen) by the Norwegian Concrete association and Architects Association, saying that the concrete was used in an environmental, esthetic and outstanding way.





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